"I recently discovered Lucid fitness studio a few months ago when they were doing a demo of a new fitness technology called X Body.  This is an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Electrical muscle stimulation suit that you wear, which targets all muscle groups simultaneously. Imagine a full body suit that applies the power of EMS across all of your major muscle groups simultaneously while you work out in as little as 20min for a full body workout. I’ve been doing this workout twice a week for the past two months and have seen major results.  I’m more toned and defined and have inch loss around my waist."

Chris Binet B.Des & Comn.
Publicist | President | Blend PR

“I am very pleased with Lucid Fitness and EMS resistance training. I have achieved greater results, even faster, than with a traditional training program. As a business owner, I am extremely pressed for time, and the 20 minutes works very well for me.  Aman is a great coach and trainer. The sessions are very intense but I am thrilled with the results!"

Sandra Kenney
Boulevard Design Build

The benefits I have gained from using the Xbody with EMS is I get a full body workout in 20 mins targeting all the muscles I need to work on.  I don’t have to spend an hour and a half in the gym which is not convenient especially when I am doing it on my lunch hour.  I can see the results in weeks.  I do not get the same results in the gym.


The sessions are challenging and even movements that doesn’t seem like much can be hard to do. It leaves you sweating bucket loads without doing many strenuous movements. I have joint issues so this is great for me.  I can feel the difference right after my workout.


I have just recently done a hip replacement surgery and have lost quite a bit of muscle mass.  The EMS training has helped quite a bit in helping me rebuild my muscle, especially my glutes.


The results are amazing! 

Juliet Lederman
Cumberland Private Wealth Management

I have been training with Aman to compliment my marathon training. While training for a marathon you tend to emphasize specific aerobic and speed training workouts. I found the EMS workouts helped me to balance this with some core and upper body training. It helped me run a stronger marathon in March and I found I didn’t fatigue as quickly. Aman helped me to learn the importance that a strong core brings to your running.

I did find that the type of workout that Aman offered was very beneficial in terms complimenting my running and martial arts training. It was a way of increasing my strength without the strain on my joints or the pain that comes from lifting too heavy a weight too soon. As I get older I find that resistance training is getting to be more important, as is something that promotes flexibility and balance. I found that Electrical Muscle stimulation by Xbody gave me what I needed in a time period that fit my daily schedule.

Jeff Turk
Portfolio Manager, Private Investment Firm